To those who would like to grow with 3 times faster. A discussion by foreign staffs

Rio applies meritocracy and has the ability to raise new talents


Global Real Estate Business Department Joined in 2017

Taiwanese. Learned Japanese in university and also fascinated by the well-appointed cityscape in Japan.
use to be called as "Sharon" in Rio

I came to Japan under student exchange when I was in my 3rd year university. I felt that it was very short because it was just for a year. After that, I felt like I would like to stay a little longer in Japan and learn more about Japan, so I decided to come back to Japan for my postgraduate study and eventually started working in Japan.
For my situation, I joined a different company before joining Rio. However, the company did not provide a good learning environment, which everything had to be figured out on my own. Because of that, I felt that my growth speed has been delayed. For Rio’s situation, I can reach all kinds of professionals by just an extension phone call, thus easier to enhance my knowledge and skills. As for me, that was very attractive. Besides that, I also like the streets of Japan.
I joined a different company before joining Rio too. My previous company had a slightly stiff atmosphere where seniority is strictly enforced. I felt that it was difficult for me to do things that I wanted to do due to my young age and lack of experience in the company. However, things are totally different in Rio. Rio allows me to do works that I feel worthwhile to do which encourages me to move forward. I feel freedom and trust by my company. It has a corporate culture that makes me feel wanted to work all the time.

LIU Jiujiu

Commercial Planning Department Joined in 2016

Came to Japan through the project of exchange students in the third year university.
Because the time for exchange project was only one year, which is not enough for one to get know Japan well.
Then I came here again to proceed my Master Degree.
And then started work and live in Tokyo. The culture in RIO, which is free and good growing attracts me a lot, makes me deciding work here.


Zhang Yu

Global business department Joined in 2017

I started to learn Japanese before I went to the University.
Then came to Japan as a exchange student when I was in junior.Due to the obession with Japanese idols,I determined to live and work in Japan forward.

While cooperative relationships are solid, the way to proceed with work depends on our own instead of instructions by seniors. Of course, managers will assist us if something happens but basically, they do not voice out much.
I joined Rio as a fresh graduate and thus, I do not have other working experience that I can compare with. However, when I was new to this company, I felt surprised with the high-level tasks that they let me handle as a fresh graduate. Since I got to handle more work, I enjoyed my work and felt bigger responsibility in myself.
Exactly! It is interesting for being able to handle so many kinds of works. For example, in real estate field, usually you will only be able to experience agency work in agent company. However, Rio do have management department, architecture department, appraisal department and hotel department. Therefore, there are many opportunities for growth and success.

KOAY Kah Ming

Commercial Planning Department Joined Rio in 2017

Born in Malaysia. After learning Mandarin, decided to start study Japanese language which has many similarities with Mandarin.
Finally, decided to go to Japan to develop own language skills.
Joined Rio as an experience hire.

On the other hand, although the atmosphere is rather freedom and easy to get closer to each other, everyone can compete fairly based on each other ability. This may be similar to China which is completely a meritocracy state.
However, Rio has the capability and culture of bringing up new members which is different with most of the companies in China. If one is able to maximize its growth in Rio, it can be used as a stepping stone to proceed to the next stage. I was once working part time in Taiwan where no one willing to teach me anything. Everyone was just focusing on their own work where educating new members were a waste of time to them. As compared to that, I feel blessed to be able to work in Rio.

Anyone can also live their own way anywhere in the world. Because only in Rio you can brush up such skills.

There is a real estate project settlement worth few billions ongoing now under me. Although it is still the first year since I joined, I am already able to work as a key person for several projects. I am really surprised on how Rio let their staffs handle all kinds of high-level tasks. Because of that, I feel that with the current experience, it will help me a lot in the future.
I am working on how to appeal all 12 hotels managed by Rio to overseas travelers. I have to introduce new plans to attract customers that have never once chosen our hotels. I am always glad to see my 100% effort comes out with 100% in result. “I am glad to have chosen this hotel”. When I received such feedbacks from customers, it really makes my day.
While this is also my first year in Rio but I already have the chance to deal with senior representative of my client’s company. The communication skills that I learned while dealing with clients are useful regardless of any countries I go. I wish to use the communication skills as my advantage to work in China or overseas countries like UK in the future.
Branch offices of Japanese companies are increasing every year in my country, Malaysia. I hope that one day when I back to Malaysia, I can serve as a mediator between Japanese companies and their branch offices in Malaysia. By that time, besides language, I believe I will also be well acquainted with Japanese corporate culture and be able to contribute to the company.
Although I have not decided yet on what to do in the future, I am absolutely agree with Miss Liu’s thought on “becoming a global person”. That is why I am preparing myself through learning all kinds of skills and abilities, in order to be able to do things that I wish to do and choose my own life. I believe I can achieve that in Rio. The best thing about Rio is that one will be able to challenge different kinds of works and if one is able to get through with all that, one will surely be able to survive anywhere else in the world.

Full speed is needed in order to catch up with others. Such environment which accelerates growth.

I think that for those who should join Rio are those who fall under category “highly motivated to grow”. Rio is a place to train and learn. It is not a place to work and expect to just receive salary. If one does not put in effort, there won’t be good result and evaluation from management. Rio has the environment where work will be assign according to one’s desire and expect for the appropriate growth on the individual.
It is so busy. I will always have to think on the priority order of the work to ensure that work can be proceed smoothly. Thus, I think it is a good chance for me to train my planning skills.
It might seem like this is a very strict company with all those opinions from us, however, I am basically enjoying my work every day. We do not just run without a clear direction, however, we move towards our goal and actually feel closer to it all the time. Although batteries will likely run out with full speed on, but one will be able to grow with 2 times or 3 times faster. This is what I think towards Rio.